For 12 years, following my son’s diagnosis of ASD, I lived in a constant state of anxiety and self-doubt.

I wondered whether I was doing “enough” or the “right” things

I second guessed all my decisions

I felt resentful of people with “normal” lives

I judged myself and felt guilty all the time

I dismissed self-care entirely

After years of white knuckling it through my parenting experience, one thing was very clear: Something needed to change.

I wanted to find a better way of managing the challenges of parenting a special needs child, and life coaching gave me the tools I needed to transform my relationship with Autism, my son and myself. 

I now teach these same skills to my clients, and the results speak for themselves.


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As a single mom raising neurodivergent twin five year-old boys, I love having a coach who walks in my shoes. My coaching with Lisa has allowed me a time and space to commit to myself.  A place to dig deep, learn my triggers, identify feelings and create new messaging for myself.

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