I Signed Up For This!

This week I had a consult with a woman who is adopting a 16 year old young man with Autism. 

She is not related to him.
She does not have to adopt him.
She is not being forced.  

She is choosing this life.

She is choosing to become an Autism Mom.
She is choosing to live with the uncertainty.
She is choosing to face the fear we all experience raising a special needs child.

She does not have to be his Mom.

She gets to be his Mom.

I invite you to remember this story on the days when you are telling yourself: “I did not sign up for this.

Because you have. 

Maybe you did not order Autism off the menu, but when it was served to you — you had a choice.

It is the choice you make every day:

To show up for your child 

To dig deep into your soul for grace and compassion 

To fight for your child’s best possible outcome

You are choosing this.

There is power in this choice.

It does not mean it is easy.  

It means that you are not a victim.

You have made a powerful choice to love your child well.

Remember this and celebrate yourself. 

Have a great week!


P.S. If you find yourself always focusing on your fears about the future or doubting yourself or your parenting decisions, I can help you with that.  You can get started by booking a complimentary consultation call here for my 1:1 program. During the call, we will talk about what is standing in your way of enjoying your parenting experience and whether it makes sense for us to work together.