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I’m Lisa Candera, a single mom of a teen with Autism, and I’m on a mission to teach moms raising kids with Autism that they have more power than they think.

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Ep #39: The How-To Guide for Other Humans (aka Manuals)

Our brains love to think that we know how other people and the world should operate. We think things like, “My child should sleep for more than three hours,” or, “My partner should text me while at work,” or, “My friends should or shouldn’t ask questions about my...

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Ep #37: How to Stop People Pleasing

In last week’s episode, I invited you to examine the areas in your life where people pleasing shows up, like saying yes when you really want to say no and doing things in hopes that other people will think highly of you. These insidious habits are leading to...

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Ep #36: Why We People Please

People pleasing is like Fight Club: we don’t talk about it. This is because, when we do, we talk about it as if it’s some sort of virtuous or morally superior trait that some people have. But that’s not what people pleasing is at all. People pleasing is a lie, and we...

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Ep #35: Managing Your Transitions

While we might not be as sensitive to changes and transitions as our child with Autism, did you know that we too can benefit from the same support systems we use to help them? I’m always trying to help my son through transition periods by previewing, understanding,...

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Ep #34: When You Wish Your Child Was “Normal” (Part 2)

The word “normal,” though just six letters, is extremely limiting, especially when used to refer to human beings. “Normal” promotes the myth that there is a right way to do things, but that isn’t true. This episode is the second part of a two-part series on the word...

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Ep #33: When You Wish Your Child Was “Normal” (Part 1)

Whether we want to admit it or not, so many of us have had the thought, “I wish my child was normal,” at one point or another. Maybe it was when you received the diagnosis, or after a phone call from the school about an incident, or when you see your child with their...

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Ep #32: When You Think Nothing is Working

One of the most challenging aspects of raising a child with Autism is all of the time and energy we spend trying things, not knowing whether or not they’ll actually work. From therapy and medication to assistive devices and changing school environments, there is no...

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Ep #31: The Stories We Tell

Did you know that the stories we tell aren’t necessarily true? They feel real, and you may be recalling a story exactly as you experienced it. But the truth is the stories we tell are a combination of facts as well as our judgments and interpretations. Human brains...

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Ep #30: Autism-Colored Glasses

Do you ever find yourself interpreting all of your child’s behaviors through the lens of their Autism diagnosis? When so much of your life revolves around supporting a child with an Autism diagnosis, it’s common to see Autism everywhere, even relating to other people...

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Ep #29: When Other People Trigger You

When it comes to our children with Autism, other people trigger us in all sorts of ways. Maybe they ask questions like, “What is her special skill?” or they make comments like, “Well, he doesn’t look Autistic…” and, of course, people staring at your child in all kinds...

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Ep #28: The Comparison Trap

Have you ever found yourself comparing your life to the lives of your friends, family members, or even strangers on social media? Maybe you’ve thought something like, “They have it so easy. They’re so lucky. I’d love to have their problems…” or when you’re having a...

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Ep #26: Back to School Series: Navigating Grief

This time of year can bring on heavy doses of grief for special needs parents. There is a real sense of loss we feel between what we imagined for our kids versus what is actually happening. Seeing their new classmates for the first time brings up all kinds of thoughts...

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Ep #25: Back to School Series: Mental Rehearsal

The 2022 school year is here. It’s show time, but have you done your rehearsals? The transition from summer to school is happening, and if you’re finding yourself feeling a little more anxious than usual, this is the perfect time to start practicing the emotional...

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