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I’m Lisa Candera, a single mom of a teen with Autism, and I’m on a mission to teach moms raising kids with Autism that they have more power than they think.

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Ep #22: How to Stop Worrying

In last week’s episode, we discussed why worrying is not only useless, but also completely optional. But how do you just stop worrying, especially since you’ve become so good at it? Well, we’re taking this conversation a step further and I’m teaching you a strategy...

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Ep #21: Worrying is Optional

As moms to special needs kids, we worry about so many things when it comes to our children. Everything from their progress, what other people will think of them, what they’ll think of us, to what their lives might look like in the future, the list goes on and on. And...

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Ep #20: 5 Powerful Questions for Every Autism Mom

To quote Byron Katie, “We either believe what we think, or we question it.” Well, in this episode, I’m giving you a simple tool for questioning your thoughts that will help you become a more loving human being towards yourself, your child, and the people in your life....

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Ep #19: What to Do After a Mommy Meltdown

You yelled, you cried, you lit it up. Now what? Today’s conversation is a follow on from last week’s episode, and we’re discussing what to do after you’ve had your mommy meltdown because, after recording that episode, I had massive mommy meltdown of my own. So, in...

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Ep #18: S.O.S. What to Do During a Mommy Meltdown

Picture this. Your child is on your last nerve. You’re tired, depleted, and you’re starting to lose it. We’ve all had a mommy meltdown. Sometimes the meltdown is internal as we white-knuckle it through the day. But sometimes, we let it all down, yelling, crying,...

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Ep #17: Check What’s Triggered

I’ve told you before that your child’s behavior is not personal. Sure, it may involve you, but it’s not about you. However, while your child’s behaviors aren’t personal, your reaction to them is. Your actions, reactions, and overreactions are a result of thoughts and...

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Ep #16: When People Don’t Understand

As the parents of special needs children, we often believe that our friends with neurotypical kids couldn’t possibly understand, and this extends to family and even strangers on the street who give you a dirty look for not disciplining your child. In our minds, they...

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Ep #15: I Need to Live Forever

Whether your child is verbal and capable of carrying out the activities of daily living, or has an intellectual disability and requires 24/7 care, the physical, mental, and emotional demands of caring for a child with special needs are always significant. This is why...

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Ep #13: Managing Summer Break Anxiety

As special needs parents, we all love the structure that school provides for us and our kids. That is, until school is out for summer, and my son is looking at me and asking, “What should I do today?” Less support for my son as well as new and varied routines always...

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Ep #12: Stepping into Your Role as the Expert

In last week’s episode, I showed you why you are always the expert when it comes to parenting your child with Autism. So, now what? Well, I’ve got one amazing tool for you to use for truly stepping into that role, so you can show up and parent from a place of...

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Ep #11: You Are the Expert

Whether you are new to the diagnosis of Autism or an OG like me, you’ve likely heard the phrase, “You are the expert on your child.” But what does this mean exactly? Well, over the next two episodes, I’m taking a deep dive into what it means to be an expert. There are...

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Ep #10: Catastrophizing

Do you find yourself time-traveling to the future and imagining a worst-case scenario for yourself or your child, even when it there doesn’t seem to be anything going wrong in that particular moment? Well, this is called catastrophizing, and you’re not the only person...

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Ep #9: This Should Not Be Happening

None of us really knows how life is supposed to go. But when it comes to parenting your child with Autism, do you find yourself thinking, saying, or shouting, “This should not be happening?” If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. This situation comes up for...

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Ep #8: Riding the Wave

Our emotions are a lot like waves. They build up and they break, they ebb and they flow. You can try to stand firm in their way and get knocked over or pulled under, or you can let go, let them flow, and ride the wave until it meets the shore and disappears, and I’m...

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Ep #7: When You Are Rigid

All-or-nothing thinking, or being rigid, is generally defined by pairs of opposites. So, maybe you’re thinking of someone or something as simply good or bad, working or not working. But it can also show up as thinking there are only two choices available in a...

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