The Power of the Pause

Last month, I binge watched all 3 Equalizer Movies.

In a nutshell, the movies center around a character played by Denzel Washington using his skills as a former intelligence agent to exact justice on behalf of innocent people.

My favorite part of these movies happens right before a fight scene, when Denzel pauses and assesses the situation.

In those few seconds, he sees the possibilities before him, anticipates his opponents’ moves and decides how he will respond to each of them in kind.

This is the Power of the Pause.

And it is not just for fictional vigilantes.

It is something you can use every day in your very real lives of raising a child with Autism.

You can use the power of the pause to:

✅ Take a slow deep breath

✅ Remind yourself the behavior is not personal

✅ Tell yourself “I am safe”

✅ Tag in your partner

✅ Walk away

✅ Let it go

This is the difference between fueling a fire versus cutting off its oxygen supply. 🔥🧯

The more you practice the pause, the better able you will be to regulate yourself and model emotional regulation to your child. 

Give it a try!

P.S.  If. you want to learn a step by step process for creating emotional regulation for yourself, even when your child is losing their mind, you are at a contentions IEP meeting, or your MIL is telling you for the100th time that she doesn’t think your child is autistic.  I can help you with all of this.  You can start your transformation right now by scheduling a consultation here