Ready to Stop walking on eggshells, and start living your life?

Welcome to Be the Solid Object:
the only 1:1 coaching program specifically designed for
Type A mothers raising
children with ASD.

Through this coaching program,
you will learn how to:


Trying to control Autism

Blaming yourself for your child’s struggles

Melting down alongside your child

Through this coaching program,
you will learn how to:


Regulating your own nervous system

Managing your mind

Prioritizing self-care

You are your child’s most important resource.
Let’s take care of you.



The 7 Truths Every Autism Mom Needs to Know

There is so much information about
Autism available, it can get difficult
to navigate.

That is why I created
this resource for you.
To find your North Star
as you navigate this
journey for yourself
and your child.


Working together for just a few months, I’ve seen so clearly the negative stories I create around challenging issues in my life and parenting, and how I can re-write those stories. I have also learned how my thoughts create my feelings and nervous system responses and ways to shift those.

Lisa’s coaching program is life changing. She has helped me tremendously to better understand meltdowns and increase my self-awareness of my thoughts and feelings as a special needs parent raising 4-year old autistic twin boys.

Lisa is available to speak at events, or to your group or organization.

These are topics she regularly speaks about. She can also customize or create a presentation for your audience.

  • Keep Your Cool While Your Child is Melting Down
  • 7 Truths Every Autism Parent Needs to Know
  • How to Talk with Your Child about Their Autism Diagnosis