Life Coach for

Type A moms raising children with Autism.

Hello!  I am Lisa Candera, a full-time single mother of a teenage boy with Autism, a certified life coach, and a lawyer.

In my Resilient Autism Mom Program (RAMP) , I teach moms raising kids with Autism how to take charge of their parenting experience in 90 days.

Welcome to the Resilient Autism Mom Program (RAMP)!
Take charge of your Autism parenting experience in 90 days.

In RAMP, I teach clients how to conquer the Autism Mom Big 3:

  1. Chronic Stress (always in fight-flight)
  2. Anxiety (constantly worrying)
  3. Burnout (always feeling completely drained)

So they can feel confident and find joy in their parenting experience.

You are your child’s most important resource.
Let’s take care of you.


Lisa Candera

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