I’m an expert BS detector. 🕵🏻‍♀️

📚Maybe it’s the months I spent playing logic games prepping for the Law School Admissions Test. 

⚖️Maybe it’s my 20 years’ experience interviewing witnesses, taking testimony of targets, and creating rebuttal arguments.

🙏🏼Maybe it’s the relentless pleas from my teen insisting he needs a laptop for school, when we both know he wants to play video games and watch YouTube on a bigger screen.

Whatever it is:  I know BS when I hear it.

Which is exactly what I told 3 of my clients this week.

Each of them tried to sell me some version of:

“I am a bad mom because my child is struggling, and I have been unable to fix it.”

Well, that’s plain wrong.

Really, as a matter of logical reasoning (as opposed to fantasy, fiction and make-believe) it is wrong.

That is because the conclusion (I’m a bad mom) is built upon the false premise that mothers should be able to foresee, fix and fend off any struggles that may befall their children.

Sure, we have mother’s instincts, which lead us to naturally act in ways that are protective of our children.  

Those instincts, however, do not endow us with an innate ability to know exactly what is troubling our kids and exactly what to do about it in every given moment.

That’s not mother’s instincts.

That’s fantasy.

A fantasy that slowly and steadily erodes our confidence and keeps us in a perpetual state of not enough-ness.


It’s time to drop the fantasy.

It is not helping you.

It is not helping your child.

Here’s what will: 

You taking the time to recognize and celebrate yourself for everything you do for your child.  


All the love, care, and thoughtfulness you pour into every day, every decision.

Write it down so you can see it on paper.  

Then ask yourself: 

Is this evidence of a bad mom?


Is this the evidence of an incredible mother who does not give herself any credit?

You tell me.

P.S.  If you want help dismantling the BS beliefs and fantasies that are keeping you in a perpetual state of not enough-ness, I am the coach to help you.  I do this exact work in my own self-coaching and with my clients every single day.  The tools I teach will work for you, so long as you work them.

The best news: you don’t have to do it alone.  You can do it with me by you side to teach, guide and support you ever step of the way.  You can get started now by scheduling a 1:1 consultation