For my Mother’s Day Giveaway, I am giving away hand-crafted soaps from Trev’s Trades Where Autism Meets Potential. Trev is a young adult with autism and other disabilities, and a soap maker.

About Trev’s Trades

Because of Trevor’s mother, he is able to live a full and rich life. Tia at every turn looks at the next milestone that cautiously advise. He will never reach. Tia knows that her son is capable of far more than anyone else ever will see as a young man. She sees the need for him to engage in real work. She therefore created a scenario that most neurotypical kids would love the ability to start their own company and feel the pride of a product well made. A product made with a mother’s boundless love.”

I have 10 lovely soaps to give away. To enter the Mother’s Day Giveaway, rate and review the podcast by May 14th, and email the title of your review. For those of you who have already rated and reviewed the podcast, you can get a soap by sharing the podcast on your social media feeds and tagging me and Trev. I want to support Trev and Tia, and I want to spread the word about this podcast to as many autism moms as possible.

To enter the giveaway,

  • Rate & Review the podcast
  • Tag The Autism Mom Coach & Trev’s Trades
  • Email me the title of your review & mailing address.

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