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64: Anger

This week’s episode is inspired by real-life events. My son recently went from living in a residential placement to now being home, which means we are in search of another placement. I am angry about how hard this is, and how much time, effort, and resources have been...

63: Moms Like Us: An Interview with Cindy Decker

I'm wrapping up Autism Awareness Month by sharing an interview with my former client and now lifelong friend, Cindy Decker. I had the pleasure of coaching Cindy for six months. She came to me at her self-described rock bottom, following the pandemic. But there were...

62: How to Stop Second Guessing Yourself (Part 2)

In last week’s episode, we talked about the subtle and pervasive habit so many of us have of second guessing ourselves and our decisions, especially as they relate to our children with Autism. In this week’s episode, we’re taking things a little deeper and I’m showing...

Ep #61: Stop Second Guessing Yourself (Part 1)

As mothers raising children with Autism, we are confronted with uncertainty all the time. Whether it’s about therapies, medications, or programming, we’re called upon to advocate for our kids with imperfect information and resources out there. Since there’s no roadmap...

Ep. 60: Interview with Dr. Mary Barbera

Ep. 60: Interview with Dr. Mary Barbera

While I teach mothers raising kids with autism how to regulate their emotions when their child is dysregulated, I get a ton of questions about how parents can teach self-regulation skills to their kids. That is why, in this week's episode of the podcast, I am...

Ep 59: Autism Parent Burnout

Ep 59: Autism Parent Burnout

The research shows that burnout levels among parents raising kids with autism are higher than average, which isn’t surprising given the expectations, uncertainty, lack of support, and fear of the future. What’s surprising is that while this burnout is recognized, there’s not much being done about it. This is a crucial missing piece in treating our children because our well-being should be at the forefront of their treatment. We are their long-term caregivers, and if we burn out, we can’t possibly help them.

The good news is that burnout is a cycle that you can interrupt, and I’m going to show you how in this webinar. Join me on April 20th at 6:00 PM Eastern to learn where burnout falls in the self-coaching model and how to use it to interrupt your cycle of burnout. I’ll also be answering questions and providing free coaching during the webinar. Register now on my website or in the show notes for the final offering of overcoming burnout for the month of April.

Ep #57: The IEP Table with Amanda DeLuca and Kirby Morgan

As the parent of a child with Autism, you’ll find yourself at an IEP (Individualized Education Program) table often on this journey, and it can be an intimidating place to be. How can you support yourself and your child to understand what’s going on at an IEP table?...

Ep #56: Medication Shaming

The decision to medicate your child or not is one that confronts every Autism Parent at some time or another. This is among some of the most difficult decisions any parent can make because, as with everything Autism related, there is no one-size-fits-all answer or...

Ep #55: Words Matter: Autism & Aggression

Something I see in my clients all the time, as well as in my own personal experience, is a fear that our children’s dysregulated behavior will get misinterpreted. We fear that their low frustration tolerance and impulsivity will be viewed as an intent to harm others,...


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