Client Testimonials

I found Lisa when I was at my lowest. We had just gone through a pandemic and autism parenting had never seemed harder. Lisa’s coaching not only helped me to reset my negative thinking, but gave me the tools I needed to help my son through his behaviors . Her experience was invaluable as she had walked in my shoes just years before. Lisa is no nonsense and a great listener. I have learned so much from Lisa and I’m now proud to call her “friend!”

Cindy D

( with a 10 year old )

Lisa’s coaching program is life changing for parents raising autistic children. Two months ago I was at an all time low during our journey of raising 4-year old autistic twin boys and I was so grateful I discovered the Autism Mom Coach. I really appreciate Lisa’s honesty, sincerity and compassion. She has helped me tremendously to better understand meltdowns. And increase my self-awareness of my thoughts and feelings as a special needs parent. As special needs parents we often feel helpless and isolated. It’s so refreshing to be connected with someone like Lisa who gets iit and empowers us to navigate this difficult journey.

Jamie G

( with twin 5 year olds )

Lisa has been an amazing coach. When I see things as negatives, she takes the situation step by step and helps me see the positives along with how others may be perceiving these as well.

It is great to have a coach who has been through the same situations as you as well. You get the firsthand experience comments, so you know that you are not the only one going through this.

She is also a wealth of knowledge and resources. She has recommended many books, websites and other resources that have helped me see things in a better perspective.

I still may see the negatives, but I am definitely seeing the positives as well.

I highly recommend any autistic parent to take these coaching classes. She helps them fit into your schedule which is amazing since I work full time and need to bring my son to all of his therapies and activities

Sherry P

( with a 7 year old )

I was looking for a life coach for a long while and really needed to find someone who had walked in my shoes – along came Lisa – a professional single mom who has raised a son with autism on her own and has a thriving business.

From the first time I chatted with Lisa I experienced shifts in my thinking. Working together for just a few months, I’ve seen so clearly the negative stories I create around challenging issues in my life and parenting, and how I can re-write those stories. I have also learned how my thoughts create my feelings and nervous system responses and ways to shift those. I’ve experienced very quick changes in the way I think about my relationship with my ADHD twins, with how I relate to my partner and, most importantly, how to have my own back in every area of my life.

Lisa makes herself available between coaching sessions by voice chat and I’ve been so grateful for the immediate encouragement in some challenging moments. I am feeling so hopeful and empowered because of my work with Lisa and the shifts in thinking I’ve experienced.

Julia A

( with twin 8 year olds )

I wanted to begin coaching to become inspired, unstuck and motivated again. I felt as if autism had robbed me of my ability to move forward with my life. I had stumbled across Lisa’s podcast and started listening. I loved the way she utilized her coaching style to help simplify how our belief system and perspective can make or break us, especially as a parent to a child with autism.

I decided to give coaching a try and I am so glad I did. I have learned not to seek external validation, to give myself as well as my son grace, to celebrate the rock star moments, to make a decision rather than stay stuck in limbo, learn to accept consequences and to remember I have everything it takes to be a successful parent and human. Another perk that comes along with coaching with is Lisa is being able to email her between sessions when I’m having a difficult day or needing some extra support. I can not express how helpful this is! Please give it a try and you won’t be disappointed!

Roberta A

( with a 5 year old )

As a business owner, a special needs mom and a law enforcement wife, I wear many hats. I found myself sinking as I juggled all the must dos and stressful moments.

My coaching with Lisa has allowed me a time and space to commit to myself. A place to dig deep, learn my triggers, identify feelings and create new messaging for myself. She doesn’t allow me to play small. We get the most out of our time together and she pushes me in the most unique, kind and safe way. I am so grateful I gave myself this opportunity. I can breathe. And wow does it feel good.

Melissa S

( with a 5 year old )

Lisa Candera

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