While I teach mothers raising kids with autism how to regulate their emotions when their child is dysregulated, I get a ton of questions about how parents can teach self-regulation skills to their kids.

That is why, in this week’s episode of the podcast, I am interviewing Dr. Mary Barbera. Dr. Barbera is the mother of a young adult with Autism, a registered nurse, board certified behavior analyst and a best selling author. 

Dr. Barbera’s latest book Turn Autism Around, her online courses, weekly podcast and social media posts help parents and professionals start turning things around for young children with early signs of autism and older children with an autism diagnosis who are struggling with talking, tantrums, eating, sleeping, potty training, and more.   

In this Episode of the podcast, you will learn:

  • How Dr. Barbera went from complete denial of the signs of her son’s Autism to a BCBA;
  • What Dr. Barbera means by the phrase, “Turn Autism Around”; and
  • Dr. Barbera’s 4 Principles for turning autism around.

To learn more about Dr. Mary Barbera and her courses, visit her website.

Also mentioned in this episode: Stepping in Your Role As Expert.

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