As humans, we are programmed to seek pleasure, avoid pain, and be as efficient as possible in doing so. How we feel, how we want to feel, and how we want to avoid feeling drives all of our actions.

In the last episode, we started with what we want to think about a circumstance and the feeling that results. We can also do that in reverse – decide how we want to feel, then determine what we need to think in order to create that feeling.

Picture the situation as clearly as possible, with all the details. Imagine it as vividly as possible. What is happening around you? What is happening inside of you? Rehearse in your mind what it would be like to be the solid object. What are you thinking? What are you feeling? What do you do? What don’t you do? When you’re done, practice relaxing. Keep doing this on a regular schedule to form the new neural pathways for responding and not reacting to triggers.

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