Humans have a natural negativity bias from ancient times. It was an evolutionary necessity to notice and avoid danger. Therefore, we need to be very deliberate in noticing what went well.

If it helps you to journal, try “I am most proud of my child for doing, or not doing, __” What about you? Did you stay calmer? Did you skip the guilt this time? There’s always a bright spot.

Once you are able to take a balanced look at what went well, you’re better able to decide what worked and what you want to do differently next time. Don’t be afraid to find some humor in the situation.

Giving yourself a hand means to offer yourself the same support that you would offer another mother in your situation.

Rule 1: Stop talking shit about yourself to yourself.

Rule 2: Treat yourself with the kindness you would give an internet stranger.

Rule 3: Treat yourself with the kindness you would treat your best friend.

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